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The most frequently asked questions about the WULOP semi-finals

How much time is allocated for work?

  • The total time of the procedure, including anesthesia and the procedure itself, is two and a half hours. Add to that an additional 15 minutes to prepare the model and your space.

What to take with you?

  • Get your own model.

  • All the equipment you need for your work such as: machine, source, needles and other disposable tools that you normally use and are used to for your work, as well as your own pigments.

  • Your own lamp (the organizers provide you with a lounger, a chair, a basket and a cart for storing things).

  • 2 printed copies of the competition rules, which you can download at the top of this page or will be sent to you by email after payment of the registration fee.

What is the exact schedule?

  • The schedule of the WULOP semi-finals and the SKYPERMANENT conference can be found atmain page.

  • A detailed breakdown of the start times of the competition categories will be published after the close of registration, which is 15.8.2024.

Is there a prescribed dress code for contestants?

  • At WULOP registration, each competitor receives a t-shirt that must be worn throughout the day of the competition and black pants or leggings. 

  • During the application, the competitor must wear a single-use, long-sleeved, disposable cape and a mask (the cape and mask are provided by the organizer).

  • Contestants must have their hair in a bun.

  • All jewelry such as bracelets, watches, rings, etc. must be removed.

Is there a prescribed dress code for models?

  • The model must wear a clean white T-shirt, black trousers and must have shoe covers on her feet during the application (shoe covers are provided by the organizer).

Does the registration also have to be a model?

  • It is possible to come to the registration without a model. The model can only appear at the time of her competition category. 

  • Participants must be ready at least one hour before the agreed time of the competition category together with the model at the place where the semi-finals will be held. 

Address of the hotel where the competition will take place?


Is there a discount on accommodation when participating in a competition or conference?


Who provides the model?

  • Each competitor secures the model himself according to his own preferences. The entire responsibility of the model belongs to the participant who performs the application.

Is a model with Alopecia allowed? Can a man be a model?

  • Yes.

Are there prescribed rules for models?

  • The model must have no contraindications.

  • At least 18 years of age.

  • The model must not have a previous PMU on the applied areas. 

  • Before and during the application, the models/models must be without make-up (only a sketch pencil can be used).

Is anything strictly prohibited?

  • Shading (either manually or by machine) is not allowed for the Microblading category.

  • Application of makeup or corrector near the applied PMU.

How to prepare?

  • Choose the ideal model that will work well for you.

  • To be safe, arrange one spare model in case your agreed model cannot come to you.

  • Come rested and not hungry, refreshments are NOT provided by the organizer.

  • Get a good night's sleep and leave enough time for everything so that you are not stressed.

  • Come with a good mood and remember "it's not about life" ;)

Can I participate in the semi-finals for the Czech Republic and Slovakia republic, if I am from another state?

  • Yes, but only if you have already participated in the WULOP semi-finals in your country of permanent residence and did not win 1st place.

Do you have further questions?

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